Caiti Baker, a vocalist and front woman raised on the sounds that birthed popular music, released her debut album ZINC on October 6 2017. Born into a household filled with vinyl, CDs and tapes of blues, soul, gospel, jazz, big band and rock & roll, Caiti’s father, a blues musician himself, made sure that she was raised amongst music. Whether it was playing on the stereo, in the car, at a concert or attending week long festivals – music was everywhere.

As a child, Caiti developed a love and appreciation for the pioneering music but was drawn obsessively to Hip Hop, R&B,
New Jack Swing and Neo soul. After being given an 8 track digital recorder, she learnt how to write and record songs on
her own from the age of 12. Inspired by the greats like Aretha Franklin, Big Mamma Thornton, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Etta James and Little Walter; Caiti began to take notes on Missy Elliott, Aaliyah, Destiny’s Child, Lauryn Hill,
Janet Jackson and Faith Evans.

She got better at writing and singing and formed an electro-soul act with bass player and producer James Mangohig in her early 20s called Sietta. Together they toured nationally and internationally, supported some great acts, played many festivals, released 2 EPs and 2 albums which had a few songs that got some air play on a few great radio stations.

In the later months of 2014, Caiti decided to step out on her own. A catalyst for doing so began with the reunion between
Caiti herself and her father after a 4 year falling out. Upon this reunion, Caiti’s father gave her a USB sample bank of his original guitar licks, harmonica ideas and riffs which were recorded on his mobile phone. 

Passing the USB key to James Mangohig, who is now an ARIA nominated producer (Daniel Johns, Briggs), Caiti and James teamed up with ARIA award winning double bassist and producer Michael Hohnen (Dr G. Yunupingu, Tom E Lewis) to become a production force that no one can mess with. Together, the three of them have been writing, honing and recording songs that link 2 eras and a plethora of genres together to form a sound that is only unique to Caiti Baker.

In 2015, Caiti signed to Perambulator Records in Darwin. She released her debut single ‘Heavy On My Heart’ in August 2016 to great acclaim and in January 2017, Caiti released her second single ‘Make Your Own Mistakes’. In August 2017, drawing nearer to the completion of her debut album, Caiti released monster jam ‘Wolf’ to many rave reviews. Following it up with the fourth single ‘I Won’t Sleep’, an energetic driving track about regaining her identity after recovering from having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 6 years.

In the winter of 2015, she toured with and supported Dr. G Yunupingu on his Gospel Album Tour. Throughout 2016/17,
 Caiti has joined A.B. Original (Briggs and Trials) as a special guest on tour dates (Hilltop Hoods Restrung Tour, St Jerome’s Laneway Festival) and festival gigs. She is also a featured vocalist for A.B. Original, a backing vocalist for Briggs and is heavily affiliated with his record label Bad Apples. After debuting her music at the Darwin Festival (‘16), Caiti embarked on an extensive headline tour over 4 months down the east coast, followed by 2 support runs with Dan Sultan and Son Little (USA) where she was accompanied by guitarist Lindsay “The Doctor” McDougall.

 So far, In 2017, Caiti played (with great acclaim) at the renown world music festival Womad. She has also supported Australian chart-topper Guy Sebastian and American legend Booker T. Caiti can also be heard and seen featuring on a track with Briggs which was written for the NRL Fox League called ‘Here’. Together, Briggs and Caiti performed the song live at Brisbane’s SunCorp Stadium for the National Indigenous Round Game in May. Caiti also found time to hang out in the studio with Pete Murray to lay down some backing vocals for 2 songs on his long awaited album Camacho. Whilst back home taking a break from touring to finish her album, Caiti attended and performed at the NT Song of The Year Awards. Her first single ‘Heavy On My Heart’ won best Blues & Roots song whilst her second single ‘Make Your Own Mistakes’ won best Pop song as well as ‘Song Of The Year’.

Caiti writes songs about what she knows and feels, sings with her soul and unashamedly performs the hell out of them.
But that will all be obvious when you hear her music and watch her perform, which will have you either dancing or chilling
with a grin on your face.


"Caiti Baker is her own Genre. Combining the Blues, Soul and Big Band influences ingrained in her since birth, with the R&B, New Jack Swing and Hip Hop of her adolescence, you have a sound; an energy and a presence like no other. Sitting atop warm soulful hip hop production laced with lo-fi guitar, bent double bass and bold horn lines, Caiti’s stunning and lyrically lush vocals soar through padded harmonies only a genre defying musician can create."

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